Daisy is a results driven Aesthetician at Urbana Advanced Aestheticsand has Certifications in Microneedling, Dermaplaning, Cosmetic Lasers, Medical Strength Peels, and Microblading. She has distinguished strengths in enhancing patients’ personal appearances using the latest technology. She possesses a talent for analyzing skin, performing extractions, and determining a successful plan of treatment for the best result. Daisy has a pleasant personality with a proven track record of practicing safe, effective, and hygienic aesthetics. She delivers a quality experience that is undeniably unique for every guest.

Daisy is also the Makeup Artist at Urbana Advanced Aesthetics. She has an eye for color, a goal to perfect skin, and an admiration for bone structure. With 7+ years of experience and training in workshops such as Makeup for Photography, Makeup for High Intensity, and Red Carpet Beauty & Beyond, she can help you achieve your desired look.


•The Makeup Show Orlando 11/2014
Makeup for Photography Workshop w/Orlando Santiago

•The Makeup Show Orlando 11/2014
Makeup for High Intensity Workshop w/Orlando Santiago

•The Makeup Show Orlando 01/2016
Red Carpet Beauty & Beyond Workshop w/Dani Fonseca

•Southeastern Esthetics Institute  12/2017
Esthetics License (600hrs)

Southeastern Esthetics Institute  03/2018
Advanced Esthetics Certificate (300hrs)




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2015 Fall Gift Dillard’s Augusta, GA

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2015 Fall Gift Dillard’s Augusta, GA

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2015 Scentsational Dillard’s Augusta, GA

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2015 Winter Renutriv Event Belk Columbia, GA

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Makeup Application, Dillard’s Augusta, GA




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I was born May 27, 1980. I have moved around from location to location since I was born and now, being married to a military man, I still move quite often. I have two beautiful children, a hairless Sphynx cat, and a German Shepherd dog. With all of our moving we are a tight knit family with very orderly living. I can have our entire household packed and ready to be moved within a few weeks and can have everything, including pictures on the walls, unpacked within a month. I consider that a talent. 

On top of that, I am a perfectionist with everything and I just might be the queen of organizing too. ♥


I decided that I should probably list some more personal facts about myself for product reference when navigating through my Blog. Obviously, Holy Grail products that work for me might not work for someone who has oily skin issues. That doesn’t mean I won’t have those types of products on my site, because some products are great for all skin types. I will do my best to cater to all and to post as much information about each product as well. So here goes………..

Face & Body: I have very sensitive combination/dry skin, and on top of that, I also deal with major hyperpigmentation. (Yay half Mexican skin issues!) With all that, I have reactions to products with SPF and products with high contents of antioxidants and vitamins mixed in them. Which means, my face does better with silicone based products. Now let’s talk about my menstrual cycle………JK.

Hair: I have thin, course, dry, wavy, dark brown hair. In other words I have a ponytail measuring less than 1.5 inches, wiry, dry, wavy, dark brown hair. And during the summer it naturally turns to a coppery tinted dark brown color.

Nails: My nails are super hard and dry. I usually wear them short because when they are long they snap completely off when bumped the wrong way. And, since I am so lucky, that usually takes place on the nail bed where it is most painful.

The whole cyber world is new to me and I have so many different locations that I was uploading things to, that I needed a place that I could help others to keep up to date with my thoughts on products and also for businesses to keep up with my portfolio and looks. So I built this website. Well…….lets get serious…….. I created my domain name, uploaded a template, and added everything “me” to it. With that being said, thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my site, please feel free to contact me at SkintentionalBeauty if you have any other questions, need to book an appointment, or just wanna chat.