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Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lash

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I never really had an interest in Younique products until a good friend of mine recently started promoting the company. I purchased some pigments from her and was sent this mascara to try. To keep things short, I will only be mentioning the 3D Fiber Lash. The pigments will be discussed in a separate blog post.

Sooooo let’s get started!

As always, I like to do some research and testing with new products for at least 2 weeks before even thinking about mentioning it to anyone. What I have learned so far

Lorac Pro Palette

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Today I want to shed some light on the Lorac Pro palette. The Urban Decay Naked Palettes always steal the spotlight when someone is in search of their first palette purchase and I personally would recommend the Lorac Pro as a first time palette purchase. I am not saying that the Naked Palettes are a bad purchase because I think that they are beautiful quality palettes, but I do feel that the Lorac Pro Palette is more suitable for the everyday person wanting to step it up from the drugstore brands.

Coppertone Sensitive Skin SPF 50+ For Faces

Coppertone faces SPF 50+

Ahh ahh ahh…….Ahh ahh ahh…..

Yes, I just did the Little Mermaid rejoice over this product. Those who know me, know the sound of me trying to replicate that Ariel moment and I cannot express in any other way how excited I am about this product. I have been searching for years for an SPF sunscreen with Zinc Oxide that I can wear on my face without getting breakouts and looking like a ghost. On top of fulfilling my wishes, it comes in a convenient 3oz tube, its for sensitive skin, and is less than $10.00. Yes, less than $10.00. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you.

My hyperpigmentation usually gets out of control during hot summer days and I found this product just in time. I started to get my “normal summer mask” when I decided to give it a shot. Since I started using it, my pigmentation hasn’t worsened and that, my friend, is a big deal.

I apply it after washing my face in the morning before my eye cream and moisturizer. Starting with a pea size amount, I let it absorb in, and then apply another half pea size on my pigmented areas. I have been using this for about 3 months now and finally my search has ended.


GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment









I purchased this mud mask with skepticism and low hopes after seeing all the hype about it on YouTube. Now I can finally shout out that GLAMglow mud mask is a miracle worker! I haven’t tried all of their products, but the one pictured cleared out my blackhead issues by more than half and helps keep my hyperpigmentation at bay. My skin even has more of a glow to it. I don’t have body acne problems, but it can also be used on your body for skin problems like back acne, aka “bacne”.
I have only been using this product for 4 months now and it has become an HG staple in my weekly routine. My skin always breaks out with new products so I have a 2 week trial period that I always make sure to abide by when trying new products. I started using it 2 times a week for the first two weeks and moved to once a week by the third week. The prior breakouts must have been the mask cleaning from deep within my pores because it hasn’t broke me out since the second week of use. Now I only use this mask once a week for continual results and sometimes I only have to use it on my problem areas. As for hyperpigmentation goes, I wouldn’t say that it has taken away the entire problem because it is out of control during the summer, but it does help to keep it faded.
The price is a tad high ranging from $40 to $70 for 1.2 fluid ounces, but again, I have been using it for 4 months. That is around $5 per use people! The website has it listed for $69, but it can be found for a little under $40 on
IMO, I say give this a try!


• Restore Photo Damaged Skin
• Improve Skin Texture.
• Help De-clog to Minimize Pores & New Skin Rejuvenation.
• Help Pigmentation, Moisture, Stimulation & Skin Collagen.
• Help Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Aging Skin & Skin Elasticity.
• Help the Effects of Scarring & Clearer Skin.
• Help fight Follicle Bacteria & Breakouts.
• Deliver Fresh Natural Eucalyptol, Linalool Oil & Powerful Flavonoids. ACTIVATED-X – Xtreme Absorption Vacuum-Carbon Extracts Sebum Oils, Bacteria & Toxins. Proprietary 17 Step Process to Better Encapsulate Sebum Oils, Bacteria & Toxins.
• Help Regulate & Alleviate Problem Skin.
• Help Control Bacteria & Irritations.
• Help Fight Toxic Skin Complications.
• Help Calm, Soothe & Heal.



MAC Lipstick in SYRUP


I cannot believe how attached I have become to this lipstick! It is a Lustre lipstick by MAC which means demi-sheer with a wet looking finish, makes lips look soft, smooth, and ultra-moist. This color is a cloudy pink that is perfect for all skin tones, most makeup looks, and photography. (Used largely in Bridal Makeup kits)

What else can I ask for in a lipstick, right? For those of us who don’t mind reapplying throughout the day, nothing. But, I have a little tip for those of you who want it to last all day and into the night. I like to apply one to two light coats of Senegence LipSense in the color Praline Rose to my lips, then apply MAC Syrup. BAM! You are good to go and conquer all things under the sun!  





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