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What a gorgeous Collection! Shayla’s Collaboration with ColourPop truly impresses me. To think that I bought all these items for $50.00! It’s almost unreal, right? And when I swatched them………..I was totally blown away. Check it out for yourself with the swatches below. Want to see these products in action? Watch my First Impressions video.


This Perception palette is Stunning. For only $24, it’s a steal! If I had to change anything it would be to add a matte highlight color and a black. Then I would be able to make this my sole palette for my travels.


This Peachy Nude lipstick applies so light and airy on the lip. I already know that this wil be a staple in my collection. The trick will be finding a replacement when I run out. Whyyyyyy do I have to love limited edition items so much?

Images were taken on a gloomy day so they are a tad cooler than they usually are for my site.


On a budget? Milani has you covered! For just $4.99 these Color Statement lipliners applied nicely Not chalky and dry like some other affordable liners do. They felt soft, but kind of dry on the lip. It’s kind of hard to explain. They’re not long wear, but they did last a while on my lips. I usually don’t have an issue with products disappearing on my lips though. One more thing, I like how these sharpen. I find that some pencils become crap when sharpened and these both didn’t have any issue with flaking or breaking once sharpened.

The swatches below have a little bit of clear balm to keep my lip from looking patchy.

All Natural #4 pulled a little more brown than I prefer. It will definitely go in my Pro kit for clients.

Nude #3 is right up my alley! I’m a peachy pink girl all the way!


Only one word can sum up how I feel about this palette, PERFECTION. I’m just going to go ahead and apologize now about how messy some of these pics look. I’m sorry. No I’m not! Every since I picked up the Soft Glam palette I haven’t been able to reach for any other. And I thought I got good pictures of the palette to post here. Apparently, I was so excited to use it, I forgot to get clean unused shots of it. It’s clearly well loved. So many looks can be created from the basic everyday natural eye to grungy messy eyes.
 14 x 0.02 oz/ 0.74 g Eyeshadows
Tempera (ultra-matte velvety beige),
Glistening (iridescent gold with a hint of pink reflect)
Orange Soda (ultra-matte pastel peach)
Rose Pink (rose gold with a soft pink iridescent hue)
Sultry (a hybrid satin metallic finish warm chocolate brown)
Bronze (metallic gold bronze)
Mulberry (ultra-matte mulberry)
Dusty Rose (ultra-matte dusty lilac)
Fairy (multi-dimensional light gold)
Burnt Orange (ultra-matte deep orange)
Sienna (ultra-matte earthy brown)
Rustic (ultra-matte deep cinnamon brown)
Cypress Umber (ultra-matte dark coffee)
Noir (ultra-matte deep carbon black)
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