This tool is a total gamechanger! I love the look of a cut crease, but it can be quite time consuming.

I was browsing on Amazon and it had this little “you might be interested” ad pop up in my feed. Aaannnnd of course I get sucked in. When I saw that this tool cost only $6.99, I thought, “Why Not?” I’ve spent way more money on other gimmicky purchases before and this would only be a $7 loss if it didn’t work out. Right? Well let me tell you, I’ve never worn so many cut-crease looks in so many days in a row before. It makes my life simple. And that is how I like to live. I would love to link this product for you, but apparently it comes in all kinds of brands and Amazon won’t pull this one back up by name. So all I can say is to look up “cut crease tool” and pick your poison.

Scroll to the bottom of this post to see a quick makeup tutorial showing this tool in action on my Instagram feed.

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