Smashbox Full Exposure mascara


Smashbox Full Exposure 1 Smashbox Full Exposure 2

IMO this mascara is pricey for what you get. I find that I prefer my drugstore mascaras to this one because of the price point. Especially my favorite combo of Maybelline Falsies as first coat with MAC Zoom Lash as second coat.

*Keep In mind that I am only Speaking of the regular version of this mascara. Unless I come across some spectacular review, I probably won’t try the waterproof version.

My search for happiness in one mascara continues.



My First Blog Post!


sonia kashuk collage 1

Let’s Talk Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes.

Affordable and pretty??? Around $25.00 for this box set containing four brushes………. Why Not? That’s around $6.50 per brush.

First impression, they will look pretty in my personal collection. Second impression, these brushes aren’t that bad. Actually…….I like them a lot!  Especially the flat head foundation brush and the Flat head contour brush. As for the other two powder brushes, IMO, they work and feel just fine for a girl on a budget. I wouldn’t use any of their brushes on a client, but I use them quite a bit for myself. Other brushes from her collection have lasted me years. So I say, “Go for it!”



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