Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lash

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I never really had an interest in Younique products until a good friend of mine recently started promoting the company. I purchased some pigments from her and was sent this mascara to try. To keep things short, I will only be mentioning the 3D Fiber Lash. The pigments will be discussed in a separate blog post.

Sooooo let’s get started!

As always, I like to do some research and testing with new products for at least 2 weeks before even thinking about mentioning it to anyone. What I have learned so far

is that their products aren’t currently Dermatologist tested, but the ingredients in the products are approved by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Committee. Not all products by this company are “all natural” or “vegan”, but the company does list all ingredients for each and every product so that you can see exactly what you’re purchasing. Also, in case it matters to you, the prototype for their products are created in the U.S., the ingredients come from around the world, and it is manufactured in China.

Let me tell you a little about my lash/eye history before giving you my opinion. I love thick, super long eyelashes. My natural lashes are somewhat long and barely noticeable because they are super thin. On top of that, I have dry eye. So not only does it suck to be around fans blowing near my face, my eyes constantly need lubricating otherwise they become irritated, red, and scratchy feeling. It almost feels like sand in my eyes. Yeah, I know. It sucks.

Enough with all the boring B.S. and down to the nitty gritty, my thoughts on Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lash. Usually, I use two separate mascaras, one coat of a volumizing one and two coats of a lengthening one. Having two separate mascara wands isn’t that big of a difference for me, but the application process it totally different. You have to do one set of lashes at a time to get the best results. For example, first apply one coat of normal mascara, then apply transplanting gel, then fibers, and lastly seal with the transplanting gel. Repeat the transplanting gel and fiber process to get your desired length. The result, beautiful long lashes that resemble a pair of falsies. I liked using one layer for my lower lashes and two layers for my top lashes. The small fibers do flake off a little throughout the day which didn’t bother me. Though my son did say at one point, “Mom you have little black hair on your upper lip.” I freaked for 2 seconds and went to a mirror to see that it really was just a little fallen fiber. LOL! No big deal. It’s not like it smudged, made my lashes look limp throughout the day, or did that black mascara transfer on my upper lid. I hate when that happens! So that all checked out fine. Will I purchase this mascara in the future? Probably not, because I think the price of this product is a little much. At $30.00, its price tag comes close to wearing falsies every day. You can purchase a nice pair of false lashes for $30.00, get a good 20 wears out of them, and the application process doesn’t take as long for me. I don’t prefer to wear falsies every day so I am also content with my age old mascara application which costs me approximately $22.00 every few months.

With all that being said, I think that this mascara is especially awesome for those who have a trouble with false lashes staying on due to a prominent/bulgy eye convex. And it is also perfect for those who aren’t comfortable applying false lashes daily or for special occasions.

Hopefully this super long post is somewhat helpful. You can click below to check out my YouTube video showing how it looks on my lashes and how I applied it.

*Click here to check out Younique products through Kim Barnes, the rep I use for my Younique products.

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The wand on top is the transplanting gel and the wand on the bottom is the fibers.

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